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Can I come and spectate?

We welcome spectators with open arms, and would love to see as many people as possible lining Iffley Road to encourage and motivate the runners throughout their mile efforts.

How old do I have to be to enter?

Runners must be at 6 years of age to take part in the mass participation mile. For BMC track races please see the BMC website for age restrictions. 

Can I enter the Elite Mile race?

The Elite Mile race is invitation only, but the BMC track races and mass mile are open to everyone.

What are the BMC entry standards?

Please visit the track meet entry page on the BMC website to view entry standards.


What if I don't have a track mile time?

1500m times
Equivalent 1500m times will be accepted as a qualifying time for this event. If you do not have a mile time please add your 1500m time to the comments sections of the entry process. We will then make manually make a decision as to accept or not. Your entry may be placed into ‘deferred’ before a decision is made.

Mass road mile
If you do not qualify for the track races as your PBs are outside of the qualifying standards then please enter the mass road mile. We had to introduce standards this year due to increased demand but have worked hard to organise a road mile for all! We hope to have as many as 2000 people in the mass mile, so should be a brilliant event. You are still welcome to come and spectate the track meet in the afternoon after your race.

Will food and drink be available?

Yes, we are proving a bar area and local food vendors will be at the mile fair, making it an event to spend an afternoon at.

Unfortunately no. We advise to travel by walking, cycling or public transport. More details can be found at

Is there parking at the track?

The what

In honour of Rodger Bannister's accomplishment 70 years ago, we're organising the Bannister Mile - a thrilling one-mile race where participants can strive to achieve the coveted sub-four-minute mile.

The where

Location: Lorum Ipsum Street, Oxford, OX1

The when

Date: 1st February 2024

Registration: 8am

Race: 9am

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